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Bukovicka Banja (Bukovicka Spa) is situated in the central Serbia, at the height of 236 m above sea level.

From the mixture of primal pre-elements of water, earth and rock, in the embrace of the mountains of Bukulja and Vencac, Arandjelovac and its Bukovicka Banja Spa have grown as a specific settlement in the region of central Sumadija. The town is specific by its white marble, mineral water and clay resources, these inseparable phenomena of the existence of people from prehistoric to our times.
The ancient/centennial beech forests, pleasing hills and meadows, bluish plum orchards and vineyards, represent the framework for the picture of this modern town containing all the characteristics of the contemporary urban way of living. The people of Arandjelovac will meet you with warmth and open hearts and invite you to come again. You will be enchanted by the virgin countryside landscapes surrounding the town, offering it yet another striking beauty frame with each season, just as described in the prose of the renown Serbian realist writer, Svetolik Rankovic:

"And again I see you, dear autumn...I'll go blind from your glow, enchanted by your magic...I turn my face away from you, the grapes-picking scene, I must not look at you any longer, my magic village autumn..."

The Spa of Bukovicka Banja will offer you an endless beauty and the calm of preserved nature, the soothing waters from the mysterious depths of the earth and broad smiles of its inhabitants.

People from this region have always known the remedial faculties of mineral water from Bukovik. Prior to 1811, the famous Serbian educator Dositej Obradovic reinvigorated his health with this water.

At the personal request of Prince Milos Obrenovic, the water from Bukovik was used as dining water at his court, transported there from the Spa "in demijohns".

In the first decade of this century, manual bottling in "Knjaz Milos" plant was initiated. The plant was situated above the spring of the same name.

The first expert recognition of the healing properties of the water came from E. Lindenmayor, the chef of staff of the medical corps of the Dukedom of Serbia, at the beginning of the previous century. From that time on, this water has received the highest international medals awarded for table waters (such as those received in 1906 in Brussels, 1907 in London, 1996 in Brussels and in Varna).

The remedial properties of the mineral water from Bukovik have been used for two continuous centuries for refreshment and healing. Today, the most up-to-date therapeutical methods, based on the curative features of local waters, clay and climate, are used in "Bukovicka Banja" Sanatorium in curing of the diseases of gastrointestinal and hepato-biliar systems, as well as the illnesses of the respiratory system and ailments and injuries of the locomotion system.

According to its characteristics, Bukovicka Banja Spa is one of the most complex balneal tourist settlements in Serbia and represents a reliable phenomenon in the field of spa healing and rehabilitation. We shall state only a few reasons which should urge you to visit us and convince yourselves of them:

The use of existing natural healing factors (the ceaseless resources of cold and hot mineral waters, clay and the climate)

Developed, modernly designed and organized services offering a number of specialized programmes: those in the fields of prevention, spa recuperation, rehabilitation and convalescence

Cultural and historical heritage, natural beauty and sights to visit

Numerous cultural and entertainment programmes: "Marble and Sound" the Festival of Yugoslav Art, "White Vencac" International Sculpture Symposium, the "World of Ceramics", the project called "People of Arandjelovac to Their Town", many exhibitions, sports competitions...

The mineral water from Bukovik has been ranked among the most renowned European and international alkaline and carbonated acidulous waters of wide-scope medicinal properties, together with the preventive attributes if consumed regularly.

Bukovicka Banja Spa is undoubtedly the best known and most popular part of Arandjelovac. It is situated in the center of the town, at the park area of 24 ha. Spa Park is famous for its beautiful flower beds, fountains, mineral water springs, sculptures, arboreal paths.


The gorgeous Park of Bukovicka Banja is famous for its open-air sculpture gallery. Various sculptors' works of art, made of Vencac marble (one of the best in the world), are placed in this park. The sculptures were created in the past three decades, during the traditional manifestation " The Marble and Sounds" ("Mermer i zvuci").

In the vicinity of Bukovicka Banja there is Risovaca, a cave where a settlement of prehistoric people was found. It is one of the oldest traces of human existence in the Balkan Peninsula. The nearest picnic resorts are the Bukulja Mt. (698 m) and the Garasi Lake. A small town Topola is not far away. It is a place where Karadordevic dynasty had built its memorial place, a church and a palace.

The guests of Bukovicka Banja have the numerous possibilities for a pleasant holiday, entertainment and recreation, such as open-air and indoors swimming pools, tennis courts, sport fields, fitness rooms, sauna baths, etc.

Curative Factors:
There are several mineral water springs in Bukovicka Banja and water temperature is from 12 to 28 degrees Centigrade.

Mineral water is bottled and sold both in the domestic and foreign market. The first quality awards Bukovicka mineral water won already in 1906, in Brussels and later on in 1907, in London.

Recommended for:
Diseases of the digestive tract organs, gall bladder, bile ducts, liver and pancreas, urinary tract and rheumatic diseases, then diabetes and unspecific lung diseases with children.

Treatment Methods:
Electro, hydro, kinaesy*, working and other therapies.

Drinking mineral waters, bathing in mineral water, mud baths and mud coating.

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