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Bioskop - Najave Mali Oglasi Prevoz - Polasci Slike - Nekada Tutorijali Smeštaj
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ARANDJELOVAC is in the very heart of Sumadija region (Central Serbia), on more than 200 meters above the sea level, at the foothill of mountain Bukulja, not far from another mountain - Vencac. It's about 80 km far from Belgrade, and not far from Topola, Mladenovac, Lazarevac. Its population is about 50, 000 and it is well known tourist and historical center, as well as the center of the region regarding economy, culture and sport.

CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL SIGHTS are numerous, and include, among others, The Risovaca cave, archeological find from Paleolithic period, with remains and proofs of prehistoric life on the Balkan Peninsula. At the foothill of Vencac there are many mines of decorative marble, and associated workshops. St Archangel Church (XV century) is interesting because, in accordance with Duke Milos' decision, the town itself got its name after it. Other important and interesting sights are wooden-church in the village Partizani, a monument-school in Orasac, built in memory of The First Serbian Rising against the Turks, which took place in 1804. In nearby Topola there is a famous Karadjordje Mausoleum on the Oplenac hill and the First Serbian Rising Museum, and many other museums and monuments located in Arandjelovac and its surroundings.

PICNIC GROUNDS: There are many wonderful and picturesque picnic grounds in the surroundings of Arandjelovac, that are suitable for recreation and relaxing in nature. The best known are the picnic grounds on Bukulja, since it's a mountain with dense forests, clear streams, springs and lakes. The Garasi Lake is reach with fish, bordered with hills with thick forests. The village Banja is famous for vineyards and orchards, and old wine cellars. There are few villages that are suitable for so-called village tourism.

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